Art Photography

There's a blue house with a turret on King Street, like 10th and King, and there's a heavy power cable running down the street there. I was driving west on King last night just after sunset and the gloaming light lit up the sheathing on the cable and backlit the house and it hit my and that was a photograph that needed to be made. And then I thing who really gives a shit about this scene? Monet made dozens, if not hundreds of images of the pond in his back yard, he probably had no idea we would care so much about his pond. That's what makes it art, the artist sees it and says "Wow! Look at this!", and probably really doesn't matter if anyone else cares or not. I think maybe artists are really just little kids inside saying "hey guys, hey guys look at this". Maybe that makes us mentally ill or something, but there's not much we can do about it I don't think. I didn't have a camera with me last night, and I know form experience I'll never see that particular image again. Look at art slowly and carefully.